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February 13th – 17th , 2021


Cozumel is a beautiful island that celebrates its Carnival since 1908. It is a big party with parades, massive concerts, mechanical games and regional foods. It is one of the island main events.

In Cozumel, grandparents, adults, teenagers and children alike gather to participate harmoniously in an explosion of color and music.

Cozumel Carnival is the most authentic and popular of the Southeast Mexico, since it is a traditional family-oriented celebration of the entire region, the inhabitants of the island and its visitors. You will have a great time during your visit during Carnival party!

Place: Cozumel

October 3rd, 2020

Triatlón AsTri Cozumel

Enjoy the crystal clear waters of the island of Cozumel in the best swimming in the world. This October 3rd, 2020, a new edition of the Triathlon Circuit, where you can swim in the turquoise waters that connect with the warm Caribbean Sea, then ride a bike and run enjoying incredible landscapes throughout the tour.

Of the 17 triathlons that take place in the republic, ASDEPORTE is responsible for organizing 12 events, which are called "AsTri, Triathlon Circuit", where you get great benefits for participating.


Independence day

The popular tradition is exhibited throughout the downtown of Cozumel. Residents and visitors gather around the City Hall for the traditional grito (cry) for independence on the 15th at 11pm followed by fireworks. Enjoy a variety of traditional Mexican dishes, dances and folk music.


Fiestas de san miguel arcángel

On September, Cozumel celebrates one of its most important religious festivals honouring Saint Michael or San Miguel Arcángel as its Patron Saint since 1848. In 1526, Francisco de Montejo, a representative of the King of Spain, was authorized to conquer and develop the island of Cozumel and gave the island the Christian name of San Miguel de Cozumel.

The celebration begins on September 21, featuring colorful processions that start from the church of San Miguel and go throughout downtown. During this time, local residents attend mass and take part in daily processions wearing traditional Mayan outfits called “hipiles".

On the last day, a procession of fishermen carry an image of San Miguel Arcángel to the downtown pier and board a boat. The public accompanies the fisherman to the pier and board a ferry, surrounded by fishing boats, to join the procession by sea, throwing flowers into the ocean as they sail along.

This colorful festivals are perfect enjoying with the family.


Ironman 70.3

This event is 1/2 the distance of a full Ironman event! The competitors will start out with a 1.9 km swim at Chankanaab Park, then jump on their bikes for 90.1 km that will end next to Cozumel's City Hall in the heart of downtown and will then begin their run of 21.1 km, ending at the City Hall Plaza in downtown Cozumel. The times allotted to each phase are the following: swimming has a cut off of 1:10 hours; biking time limit is 5 hours; and the run must be completed within 8 hours of the start of the race.

Come and support to your favorite competitors!


Day of the dead

During these two days people come to pay their respects to the dead. The town of Cozumel honors the deceased by creating elaborate altars made of artwork, food, flowers and candles which can be found throughout the town's local shops, restaurants and hotels. The bakeries on island are filled with sweets shaped in the symbols of skulls, and flowers and memorials fill the cemetery.

Particularly popular are marigolds, a sacred orange flower that represents death.

November 1, Día de Todos los Santos (All Saints Day) is known as the day when the spirits of children are expected to return and Mexicans pay homage to the souls of the children who have passed on. Tradition states that the departed descend from the heavens on this day, so family members prepare for their arrival by leaving sugar skeletons, skulls and treats on altars specially made for the occasion. On November 2, Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a celebration for all the adults that have passed away takes place. Families leave the favorite food and drink of the deceased on a special altar constructed in their home or on the tomb of the departed ancestor.


Gran fondo NY cozumel

The Gran Fondo is a marathon for cyclists that will take for all the way around the island and where the cyclists will enjoy an spectacular view of the Mayan Paradise.

Is an opportunity to take on a challenge on their bike, the same way runners and triathletes have done for decades going long distances without stopping at stop signs or traffic lights.

So, get ready to ride in Paradise!



Ironman is the most demanding triathlon. It is an international high performance competition consisting of a 3.86km swim, 180km of cycling and 42.2 km run. The race has a time limit of 17 hours, the average time being 12 hours.

December 12th, 2020

Lady of the virgin of guadalupe

Thousands of people join processions in Cozumel for this event, as they celebrate one of Mexico's largest religious events.

Islanders run right around the island, joined by all the family and friends doing a special promise to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

This marathon begins and ends in the Parish of Guadalupe where runners return to celebrate with a festival full of delicious food, regional folk dances, and musical performances. The celebration includes traditional Mariachi that sing to the Virgin of Guadalupe, patroness of Mexico and Empress of America.